Planning Ahead

Pre-Payment Options

Some families prefer to plan ahead to take the burden off of family members and to be sure to get the type of services they desire. Rolla Cremation and Memorial can help an individual set up a pre-arranged plan. Your money will be deposited into the Rolla Cremation and Memorial trust account where it will stay until the time of need. Our cost will continue to go up over the years due to normal inflation but once your pre-arranged plan is paid in full the cost is frozen and your family will never pay more for the plan you have selected unless something is added that was not on the original agreement.

Some individuals choose to pay for their pre-arrangements in one lump sum. Other's will pay an agreed upon down payment and then make monthly payments thereafter until the plan is fully funded at which time the price is "frozen or guaranteed.

"Keep in mind that the monthly payment option is only for situations prior to death occurring. We do not offer monthly payment plans for at-need arrangements. Our fees for at-need arrangements are due and payable at the time need."

There is a $25.00 "Missouri State Registration Fee" that will be added to all pre-arranged contracts. This fee is paid by us to the Missouri State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors to help fund salaries for investigators and auditors that enforce the Missouri State Statutes regarding pre-arranged funeral plans. This fee was established to help protect your investment. Pre-arranged payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.

Insurance Funded Contract
We also offer an "insurance funded" pre-arrangement plan. This plan requires no payment up front but instead is paid for at the time of need by a life insurance policy that Rolla Cremation and Memorial becomes the irrevocable beneficiary of. Since there is no money for us to place in our trust with this type of plan we are unable to freeze or guarantee the cost of the future services.

The insurance company would be billed at the time of the individual's death for whatever the current charges for services would be. The policyholder is required to keep the insurance paid up and in force for the plan to be honored at the time of need. Rolla Cremation and Memorial will help you with the paperwork involved with this type of plan. We would be happy to visit with you at our facility or in your home if you are more comfortable. We can also email information to you or send it by regular mail. We do offer an online form for your convenience for your biographical information. If you choose to use this form it will be kept on file with us. However any financial arrangements will require a separate signed contract between Rolla Cremation and Memorial and yourself.